CaribUnity Desktop

With the abundance of content on the internet, how do you keep in touch with the information you care about?

CUDesktop is software you can use to stay on top of all the information, pertaining to the Caribbean, that matters to you.

This innovative software that combines all of the content that you seek including news, entertainment, sports, etc. in one application, is called a “dashboard”. To date, CUDesktop is the smallest and most flexible dashboard on the planet.

CUDesktop finds the information you want on the Internet, bring it to your desktop, updating you when new information becomes available. CUDesktop is your own customizable desktop application that allows you to keep in touch with the Caribbean, and in the know with all of the “happenings”. You never will never be the last to know.

How it works:
Install CUDesktop.
Select your preferences (Current location, Country(ies) of interest).
CUDesktop will then display content based on the preferences you’ve selected!

Now, you can get updates from the Caribbean, events and happenings in your area without even leaving your desktop!

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