Carnival Info is the online resource for information on Carnival Festivals taking place all over the world! The site was created in response to the need for a ‘navigational friendly’, easy to use portal of accessing information quickly and efficiently on Travel Hot Spots.

The main goal of Carnival Info is to keep the audience entertained, informed, as well as the website social! Our solution was a 2 part process:

Social: Every aspect of the Carnival Info website has some sort of “neat” social feature, from sharing articles, to single images, the interaction ability is through the roof.

Information: The information on Carnival Info is not just for show. Without the means of regulating how the audience navigates from page to page, there can be information overload.

As a result, we carefully designed the site to showcase the most important information and subsequent related information fairly easily.

The End Result? The most popular, niche Carnival Website on the internet.

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