Web Development

We work closely with our clients to design websites and online platforms that are attractive, branded, and meet the strictest usability standards. Our clients are involved in every stage of the development process; working with our designers to ensure that the final product meets their branding objectives, artistic direction, as well as business and technology requirements. Our process is simple and efficient!

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  • Design Team Assigned
  • Design Consultation
  • Designer Recommendations
  • Web Site Creation
  • Review
  • Publish

Mobile Apps

Traditional web design cannot work on mobile platforms. With variables such as display size and user environments that reshape the way content needs to be presented. Our job is to help our clients translate their brands into the mobile format.

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  • Mobile Website
  • iPhone Apps
  • Android Apps
  • BlackBerry Apps
  • Mobile App Marketing


Cee You games are amongst the most innovative, and niche market driving online. While we create many games for Clients and private publishers, some of our own in-house games were built from the ground up and attracts millions of players. Some of out titles, such as JamTap, Dread Inna Boat, High School Dropout focus on social gameplay. While traditional computer games focus on single player consoles on the PC or Mobile Device, CeeYou Games creates a gaming experience that brings together real world friends and families. Our games ares.

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  • Social Gaming
  • Trivia Applications
  • Role Playing Games
  • Action Games 
  • Educational Games 

This is a place where intelligence meets imagination.

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